Director's Message

Greetings from Neo Geetanjali School

We, at Neo Geetanjali School, aspire to produce the best product of knowledge to present to the nation. On our oath, we are taking responsibility to serve education with core values and cheering up the system of education with multiple somatic and hypothetical activities.

The aim of education is to enlighten one’s mind so that one could have a broader outlook. Education presents the truth of life in a beautiful way for the welfare of the human race. The truth of life is imparted to students as the essence of knowledge. Children are made not only professionally perfect but also morally sound to follow the path of reality in life.

“Our priority is to hold the integrity of education and join our hands with the kid in his future path of excellence”.


Principal's Message

Our children have the childhood they deserve and make our children confident in themselves and the world around them. We strive to work hard with a genuine effort to make the children comfortable on the campus to explore their own interests and capabilities in order to achieve their goals and dreams.

Vice Principal's Message

Knowledge and proper education are a must for every citizen of the globe. With this very noble motto, NEO GEETANJALI SCHOOL emphasizes inculcating human values and developing moral character, which in turn will make students better citizens. We are committed to creating a good humanitarian society.

Our brand way assurance to you all that we build values and education in our school to serve Society with sincere effort.  We are for you with eyeful and capacious infrastructure to explore all the bright angles of kids and provided the best facilities on the campus to fulfill the needs of children in the best way.

We thank God, each and every parent and individual associated with us for the smooth functioning of the School.


The Strength of Our Team

Mutual respect, common and aligned goals, open communication, and patience are the key strengths of our team. The team comprises different departments like Science( PHYSICS, CHEMISTRY & BIO), Math, Social Studies and Language. The department of Mathematics is headed by Mr. Srinivas, the Department of Physics is headed by Miss. Niveditha, the Department of Chemistry is headed by Mrs. Sujitha, the Department of Social by Mrs. Saritha, and the Language department is headed by Mrs. Swathi. The strengths of the team, Mrs. Sujitha for High School and Mrs. Saritha for Primary wings are the Co-ordinators and play a key role in the smooth functioning of the system.

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