Captivation – Above & Beyond

Art & Craft

Children learn comparisons, patterns, and basic operational concepts through Arts & Crafts. And also, develop fine motor skills with imagination and creativity.

Certificate /Olympiad

Books, tabs, labs, and the library are not the only area for us to outshine. There are various Olympiad exams along with few other competitive exams where NGS champs participate and show their talents.

Language skills

Enable children to learn to use different tools during the learning skills. Children are introduced to another language (Hindi / Telugu or any other language). We have taken the initiative in improving our communication skills by adopting Queen’s English program

Public Speaking

Platform changes but the individual perform better and better to be the best of him or herself. We are on the verge of breaking our own record and overpassing the limit of fear with Eduvate to improve our public speaking.

Our Family Say’s

Children learn best when the significant adults in their lives – parents and teachers work together to encourage and support them. The meaningful involvement of teachers and support is essentially visible among students.

Creative way of Study

During the formative years of students, teachers play the role of a mentor. She or he as a teacher at NGS, teaches the learner to be innovative, a good listener and continuous learner all through. 

Learning Things Faster

We try fetching and transform the individual to quick learner smartly by acquiring knowledge and obtaining practical experience. Always there is a take away of “Wisdom can judge both emotionally and physically with different learning techniques”.

Like a Mother’s care

A mother plays the role of a child’s first teacher, and her teachings will guide you throughout our journey of life. Same ways, teacher plays the role of a mother in the school.

Great teachers care about their students – inside of the classroom and out. Our teachers safeguard pupils, demonstrate reasonable and careful professional standards while at work.

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